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Long Whatton News is delivered free of charge to every home in the village every month except January. Our magazine is run and edited by volunteers and depends entirely on voluntary contributions, the proceeds of our advertisers and fund raising events If anyone wishes to contribute, you may do so by emailing your article to:- longwhattonnews@ yahoo.co.uk. Alternately you may drop it into 4 Main Street. Please include your name, address and contact number, which will not be published, but is required. Any notices, comments, acknowledgements, items for sale, and lost and found, may be included in the witter column, free of charge.
The magazine was started in the early 1970's as a Church Magazine.

Please send copy via email to :- longwhattonnews@yahoo.co.uk

Your editorial team...
Editor:- Robert Ellis 07958 214716
Advertising :- Helen Connolly, 07774 436 311, email:-hconnolly9@gmail.com
Finance :- Jon Steel 07917 200793

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