Long Whatton History Society

Victorian Long Whatton

Old Long Whatton
by Silvia Bowyer
From an original Photograph

Family History

Census Returns

1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1891,
1901 and 1911

1918 voters list (new)

Other Family Records

Births recorded at the Baptist Church from 1794 - 1837 and Baptisms at All Saints Church 1813 - 1920

Marriages recorded at All Saints Church 1754 - 1940

Parish Registers, 1549-1812

Memorials Inscriptions from the Graveyards of the Baptist Church and All Saints Church

Long Whatton School Photographs 1897

Monumental Inscriptions inside All Saints Church

Turvey and the Yards in Long Whatton 1933-1935

Records online at Diseworth Heritage Centre/history

Other Content

John Clifford and Family

The War Memorial

The Wartime Maternity Hospital

Letters from America

A Civil War Complaint

The Old Village in Pictures

Further History of The Methodist Church

Sir Charles Townley

John Heathcoat

A Jubilee Needlework Picture

The Arcott School, 1936 - 1974

The Long Whatton History Society consists of a small group of people who wish to investigate the history of the village and collect and preserve as many photographs, records and memories as possible. We have collected a wide range of photographs and newspaper cuttings some dating back over 100 years. Monumental inscriptions of both the Parish and Baptist graveyards have been recorded, together with census records of the village. Complete transcriptions have been deposited with the Leicester Records Office and the Leicester and Rutland Family History Society
For all further details email us at:- geoff472015@outlook.com