Long Whatton Community Association

All residents of Long Whatton are automatically a member of the Community Association and are entitled to come and vote at the Annual General Meeting. Individual members may be elected onto the Council Management team. All village clubs and churches can affiliate to the Association and receive preferential rates for the hire of the Community Centre.

Affiliation Fees for 2018-19
Fees are dependant on group size and usage,
8 or more members
occasional use: £15
monthly use: £25
weekly use: £50
Less than 8 members
occasional use: £15
monthly use: £15
weekly use: £30
Hall Charges
Community hall hire charges for 2018 are as follows:-
For affiliated groups
Community hall and committee rooms – minimum 2 hours
• Weekdays - £21.50 per two hours
• Weekends - £32.00 per two hours
• A charge of £10.00 per hour over the first two hours both weekdays and weekends
For private lettings or non-affiliated groups.-
Community hall - £14.00 per hour
NB a minimum letting charge of £56.00 (ie 4 hours) applies before 10pm
(eg 6-10pm) and £84.00 for lettings that run after 10.00pm (eg 6pm – midnight)

Your representative(s) is invited to attend Council meetings held in the Community Centre at 8pm on the following dates:
Tuesday 19th June, 2018
Tuesday 16th October, 2018
Tuesday 15th January, 2019
AGM Tuesday 19th March, 2019


Community Centre Bookings: 01509 84229
Chairman: 01509 646413
Secretary: Helen Connolly, hconnolly9@gmail.com